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Magnetic Level Gauges: Securing Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

In the Pharmaceutical industry, most problems that were encountered in tubular glass gauges for level measurements are now resolved by magnetic level gauges. Tubular glass gauges are placed parallel to the vessel at a suitable height and are mounted with fittings, which enables to maintain the pressure and seal at both ends of the tube. But, it has been noticed that this type of installation is unsuitable for certain liquids. There is a possibility that the glass tube would be fractured or one or both seals would suffer from leaks. Consequently, the liquid could escape outside the gauge. For this reason, in case of critical liquids in the Pharmaceutical industry, the design of tubular level gauges is found unsatisfactory.

In course of time, magnetic level gauges have replaced tubular level gauges as in case of magnetic level gauges, there are practically no probable leak points. The main advantage of Pune Techtrol’s magnetic level gauge is its “all metallic” construction. Level indicating part of the gauge does not come in contact with the liquid. There is no presence of fragile glass tubes, which can break and cause safety hazard. The visibility of the level readings is vastly improved. The instances of maintenance are very less. The initial installation is simpler as compared with other gauges. Without interruption in the level measurement process, addition of switches and transmitters can be performed. Because the addition of switches and transmitters is possible, technique of dual redundancy has led to improved security. The Return on Investment (RoI) benefits are more.

Additionally, Techtrol’s magnetic liquid gauges are superior to the tubular glass gauges due to the various factors mentioned below.

Long-distance visibility

Tubular glass level gauge indicators enable the personnel to take readings of level from a maximum distance of three metres. In case of Techtrol’s magnetic type level gauge, it is possible to note the level reading from a distance of 10 metres or even somewhat more. This is possible due to a fluorescent and bright contrasting colours of the flag. More sophisticated visual indicators also allow viewability up to 30 metres.

Lesser maintenance costs

In case of sight gauge level indicators, it is mandatory to clean them on a periodic basis and check for leaks. The process liquids can cause build-up, etching and scaling on the glass due to which the sight glass can become unreadable. The advantage of magnetic level gauges of Pune Techtrol is that they are almost free of maintenance because there is no contact between the process liquid and the indicator.

Lesser risks

The chemical compatibility of a liquid needs to be ensured only in case of the float, gaskets and the metallic chamber. On the other hand, in tubular glass level gauge the liquid must be chemically be compatible with all the materials that get wet, such as the gaskets, sealants, metal and glass.

The possibility of rupture of a magnetic level gauge is not there at all due its “all metallic” construction. The float chamber of the magnetic level gauge is made up of the same metal as that of the main vessel. In the tubular glass level gauges, extreme temperature or pressure can lead to a fracture. So, the magnetic level gauge and the surrounding piping are equally secure. The mounting of the switches, transmitters and indicators is external. So, they are not affected by corrosiveness, toxicity or other harmful effects of the liquid.

Other salient features

Pune Techtrol manufactures magnetic liquid level gauges that can accommodate in parallel, micro-switches and adjustable bistable alarm contacts with reed switches. The design of the magnetic float system allows for 360 degrees magnetic coupling. These gauges can be fitted with radar transmitters. Indication of a float failure is also possible. The indicator housing is typically made of Aluminium. These gauges are hermetically sealed and filled with inert gases. When installation is required within a limited space, magnetic level gauges are optimally suited. For the float and the guided wave radar to work independently, the chamber can be fitted with special baffle plate. A different range of materials is used for the construction. Easy mounting is possible with a flanged connection. No power supply is essential for level indication. Overall, this is an economical measurement solution.

Tests recommended for magnetic level gauges

Techtrol’s gauges are subjected to a large number of tests to ensure reliable and precise level measurement. They are verified for the Seismic test, Radiography on butt weld joints, Ultrasonic test on butt weld joints, Vacuum test, PMI test, Dye penetrant test, Helium leak test, Pneumatic test and Hydrostatic test.

It can now be easily understood that a magnetic level gauge is a very suitable choice when there is  need of visibility from a long distance, minimization of maintenance, lessening of fugitive emissions or media leakage or personnel safety.

Pune Techtrol caters to the various needs of level measurement in the Pharmaceutical industry. It manufactures excellent-quality magnetic level gauges, which have a huge demand in this industry. These gauges are designed keeping in mind the specific needs of this industry. Techtrol’s magnetic type level gauges are reputed to serve a wide range of customers in the Pharmaceutical domain.

Established in 1984, Pune Techtrol Pvt. Ltd. is a globally-trusted Indian company for excellent-quality level measurement and process automation systems for liquids and solids. Its CRISIL MSE2 and ISO 9001 certifications are a testimony of its reliable products and services. For more details write to ho@punetechtrol.com or visit www.punetechtrol.com.

Magnetic Level Gauges: Securing Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

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