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  • Technically qualified & experienced marketing engineers to assist customers for selection of appropriate product to suit their applications.

  • Product demonstration at customer’s site, to confirm & validate its suitability under actual operating conditions for new, specific & critical applications.

  • Supervision & guidance at site to ensure proper installation & commissioning.

  • In-house facility for validation of product performance & calibration.

  • On-site & in-house training to customers, project engineers for installation, commissioning, validation of product performance & calibration.

  • Prompt “after sales service” at site

  • In addition to the complete range of conventional level gauges, level switches and level transmitters, we have developed following dedicated systems for process automation:

  • Pump control systems (building automation):

    Pump control system used for automatic control of pumps and valves with respect to overhead tank and sump. The system can also ensure automatic control of valves in water distribution network in real time, pre-programmed manner.

  • Effluent control system:

    System provides all the year-round data for pollution monitoring by an industry as may be required by pollution control board.

  • Monitoring & control systems for storage, process and dosing tanks:

    Monitoring and control of levels in process tanks/dosing systems.
    Continuous control of level in a process, by use of automatic control valves and Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), simultaneously achieving conservation of electrical energy.

  • Dam – water level control systems:

    Ultrasonic level measurement and control system for backwater reservoirs of dam to maintain dam water level by automatic operation of sluice gates.

  • Fuel level control systems for mobile sites (DG set):

    Ultrasonic transmitters, submersible level transmitters, level switches for control of level of diesel in the storage tanks of DG sets

  • Tank Monitoring System:

    Tank farm management system for the purpose of inventory control of chemicals, liquids, solvents and petroleum products.

  • Auxiliary Products:

    Interface Level Detectors & Controllers, Conductivity Contamination Detectors, Instrument chambers, Still Wells, Calibration Pots & DC to DC Voltage Converters, AC to DC Converters / Chargers


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