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Cement and Construction

SL Application/Service Instrument Solution (LG= Level Gauge, LS= Level Switch, LT= Level Transmitter)
1 Storage Bunker for Raw Material (Lime Stone, Coal) LS- Rotary Paddle, Vibrating Fork, Suspended Cable Float&RF Admittance

LT-Ultrasonic & Radar
2 Storage Tanks for Fuel, Lube Oil LG- Tubular, Reflex, Magnetic, Float & Board, Float & Dial and Float & Tape

LS- Float Pivoted, Float Guided, Displacer &Vibrating Fork

LT- Float Guided, Hydrostatic Submersible, Guide Wave Radar, Ultrasonic & Radar
3 Chute Detection at Coal &Lime Conveyor LS- Disc RF Admittance & Microwave Switch
4 Low Level Detection at Hot Clinker ( Fine Coal) LS- Rotary Paddle, Vibrating Fork/ Blade& RF Admittance
5 Cement Silo at Finishing Process LS- Rotary Paddle, Vibrating Fork/Blade& RF Admittance

LT- Ultrasonic & Radar
6 Fly Ash Silo LS- RF Admittance, Vibrating Fork

LT- Radar


Cement and Construction

Tubular Gauge – 'TTG' for chemical dosing tank at Wonder Cement Ltd., Nimbhara , RJ

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