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Pune Techtrol Training Institute

It has been a long felt need of industry that all engineering students should expand on their formal education by undergoing an industrial orientation to make them realize their full potential and contribute to Indian industry.

Also in keeping with the Prime Minister's drive for skill development, Pune Techtrol Pvt. Ltd. has embarked upon providing “Industrial Career-Oriented, practical training in Instrumentation & Controls” as applied in process industries such as electrical power generation, biotechnology and pharmaceuticals.

Salient Features of the Training Programme :
  • The course is designed and will be conducted by a qualified & experienced faculty headed by Mr. C N Shukla – B.E (Instrumentation and control) with more than 40 years experience in Thermal Power Stations, Gas Turbines, Pharmaceutical manufacturing and Biotechnology as Head of Engineering and Maintenance functions.

  • In-house facility for validation of product performance & calibration.

  • The training will be interactive and imparted in the form of power point presentation followed by detailed explanation.

  • The training will give adequate exposure to engineers from all disciplines to micro processor based programmable devices & automatic controls which have become an essential part of industrial working.

  • The course will cover Theoretical and practical training on Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Human Machine Interface (HMI), Supervisory Control & Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems & Distributed Digital Control Systems (DCS).

  • Theoretical aspects of measurement and control systems will be taught in brief, with more stress on practical aspects of industrial applications.

  • Hands-on practical sessions shall be conducted to help participants gain confidence of working independently at sites.

  • To effectively apply their specific knowledge and skills, all participants will be made to understand various types of Industrial processes & utilities : viz
    1. Generation and Distribution of Steam
    2. Compressors, Pumps, Chillers & HVAC Systems
    3. Variable Frequency Drives & Energy Conservation
    4. Receiving and Distribution of Electrical Power
    5. Communication Skill & Human Resource Management
    6. Biotech Manufacturing
    7. Electrical Drive Motors
    8. Environmental Engineering
    9. Generation of Electrical Power
    10. Industry-specific Skill Development

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