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Pune Techtrol contributes to global warming reduction by solar energy usage

Global warming and its harmful effects are quite in the news since the past few years. The phenomenon of global warming is especially critical in India because fossil fuels such as coal and furnace oil are burned to generate about two-thirds of the electricity power. This burning releases a large amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and is a major cause of air pollution. To restrict the deterioration of the Earth, nowadays, the use of renewable sources of energy is promoted. One such renewable energy is solar energy, which can be used to generate electricity. Mr. Khatan, Managing Director-Pune Techtrol, contemplated contributing to save electricity by usage of solar power. This aim led to the installation of an 18 KW capacity solar power plant on the roof of the administrative building of Pune Techtrol. This plant caters to all energy requirements of the office. In this manner, Pune Techtrol has joined the movement of doing one’s bit in an attempt to avoid global warming. About this development, Mr. Khatan said, “Using perishable resources is similar to using the wooden compound of our houses for fuel. I rather prefer to invest in solar energy. It is an incredible source of power! Now, we need not have the anxiety of coal and oil vanishing from our midst. Solar energy decreases expenses and enhances our energy independence. Another major benefit is of security. A solar plant has no constituent that can destroy the environment. A breakdown related to solar energy could possibly be of a broken mirror. On the contrary, coal mines are marred by injuries and demise of humans. If an oil spill occurs, the vicinity can get immensely polluted. Solar energy is truly an omnipresent and omnipotent energy.”

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