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Pune Techtrolenhancesits range of level measurement instruments with addition of Bi-Color Multi Port Level Gauge.

Techtrol Bi Color Multiport Level Gauge (TBLG) is the latest addition to the list of high quality instruments offered by Pune Techtrol, a leading name in level measurement solutions.

The level gaugewhich is suitable for high pressure application, has multiple ports for continuous indication of water level in high pressure boilers, where presence of water is indicated by green color and steam/air by red color.

The gauge was unveiled by the company at the recently held Automation Expo 2017. It comes with single or double expansion loop to accommodate high temperature and pressure conditions.

TBLG consists of trapezoid shape liquid chamber with equi-spaced port along its non parallel sides. It has circular gauge glass with high quality mica fitted on each port with gasket, cushion and cover plate for protecting the inner surface of glass from steam erosion.

The gauge is an ideal instrument for application in boiler drum, feed water heater, utility boiler, recovery boilers, refuse and fluidized bed boilers, small industrial boilers, process heaters.

Pune Techtrol Pvt. Ltd. has 32 years of experience of international marketing and providing expertise inlevel measurement &control technology.

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