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Adopting Green Culture: Prevent Air Soil And Water Pollution

In the present day, the conservation of the environment is the biggest issue being faced by humanity. Levels of pollution of air, water and soil have reached alarming proportions and are rising continuously.

Emissions of carbon-dioxide and other noxious gasses have resulted in a continuous rise of atmospheric temperature, thereby melting of polar ice-caps and rise in sea level. In the near future, a rise in sea level will threaten the lives of people living in coastal areas around the world.

Frequent occurrence of cyclones, typhoons and earthquakes can be attributed to the damage of environment that is taking place. One common root cause of the impending calamities is the exponential rise in population of the earth.

The rising population requires more food and water. And modern “energy intensive life-style” is stretching the resources of energy.

Controlling pollution of Air:-

In modern days, it is impossible to live without the use of electrical power. There is an increasing use of electricity by every human being.

70 % of the electricity generated in our country, is by burning fossil fuels like coal, furnace oil and natural gas. Each kilogram of coal burnt for generating electricity produces 3.2 kilograms of carbon-di-oxide, Sulphur-di-oxide and other noxious gases.

Apart from this these gases are also produced by transport sector and other industries which extensively burn of petroleum products, such as petrol, diesel, kerosene, furnace oil etc. in their production processes.

Carbon-di-oxide, which goes into the atmosphere creates a “green house effect”, which has been causing “global warming”.

Solar power is an environment-friendly emerging source of electrical energy. Solar panels, which are made up of crystalline silicon, have power generating capacity of approx. 100 watt per meter square of solar panel area.

The exploitation of wind energy is another vital eco-friendly source for generating electrical power. Solar power and wind power do not release carbon-di-oxide. Also they are in exhaustible sources of energy.

At Pune Techtrol Pvt. Ltd., we have installed a solar power plant on the terrace of our office building. It has a generating capacity of 18 KW which sufficient for day time operations of the office.

A schematic diagram below shows how the electricity is generated using solar power.

Conservation of water:-

Water is another vital resource, extremely important for the existence of life on earth. Water is needed, not only for daily use by humans, but it is also required for growing crops and for the survival of animals as well.

With a rapidly rising population on the earth, the per capita availability of water is also dwindling. Consumption of water by an increasing number of industries is giving rise to highly toxic pollutants. Inconsistent and continuously reducing rainfall has further aggravated the situation.

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The facts about the availability of water are explained below.

  1. Per capita availability in year 1951…….5177  cubic mtr per year
  2. Per capita availability in year 2010…….1700  cubic mtr per year
  3. Total water available in the country……112300 Crore cubic mtr per year ( Out of this 69000 Crore cubic mtr per year of surface water)
  4. Usage of water……………….. 83 % for irrigation & remaining for industry + domestic

Hence we are experiencing a scarcity of water for all our needs. Treatment and recycling of effluent water is very essential. Schematic diagram of an effluent treatment plant is given below.

At Pune Techtrol Pvt. Ltd, we conserve water by arresting leakages, and by limiting its use for essential purposes only. We ensure that the minimum required quantity of water is stored in the flush tanks of toilets. We also take care that the storage tanks of water do not overflow.

Since our product line is of level measurement and control instruments, we are experts in water level switches in India, which automatically contribute to the conservation of water. Our level measurement and control instruments are widely used in water treatment and effluent treatment industries. The overfill protection water level switches manufactured by Pune Techtrol, help prevent spillage of harmful chemicals, and thereby render protection to the environment.

During the rainy season, we carry out rain harvesting and store the water in an underground tank. The water is used for gardening purposes.

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Avoiding pollution of soil:-

More the population more is the need for food. Hence farmers have to produce more crops, for which they tend to make use of chemical fertilizers. Also they make extensive use of pesticides to protect their crops.

There is lesser use of organic fertilizers. Use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides damage the quality of soil. Also they have very serious effects on the health of people.

At Pune Techtrol Pvt. Ltd, we try to protect soil from pollution by minimum use of oils, chemicals, cotton-waste etc. and ensure that they are not absorbed in the soil. We avoid use of plastic in our operations. We have been using eco-friendly materials for packing of goods manufactured by us.

Pune Techtrol Pvt. Ltdmeticulously follows the norms laid down by the Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (MPCB). Every year, we are granted “Consent To Operate (CTO)” by MPCB.

Adopting Green Culture: Prevent Air Soil And Water Pollution

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