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Ultrasonic Transmitter For Level Measurement In Tanks/ Reservoirs/ Canals

In many water applications, radar level transmitter is used for level measurement. However, with latest technologies and also in view of the cost factor, ultrasonic level transmitters are being preferred for level measurement applications involving water treatment plants, rainwater harvesting basins, dams, canals wastewater treatment plant etc.

Some applications involving measurement of the level of water favor non-contact level measurement such as an ultrasonic level transmitter, which is suitable as well as economical.

The level measurement can be classified as level gauging for visual indication, limit level detection from safety perspective and continuous level measurement for control of process and monitoring.

The appropriate selection of the technology for level measurement is important for the cost control related to the selection of instruments and its maintenance.

When in operation, the ultrasonic level transmitter is mounted over the water management. To determine the distance to the water, it transmits a sound pulse that reflects from the surface of the water and measures the time it takes for the echo to return.

Propagation of sonic/sound waves requires air as a transmission medium; therefore, it cannot be used in a vacuum impregnation.

Therefore, the appropriate area for ultrasonic level transmitters is wet wells, rainwater basins, and wastewater treatment. It is easy to install and needs minimum maintenance.

The ultrasonic level transmitter instruments are used in an open channel flow system to determine the flow in rivers, irrigation canals or out the flow of water from a reservoir through canals. It measures the head height of liquid level through the primary element (flume & weir) fitted on the open channel.

The signal from the level transmitter is processed in the controller to calculate and indicate flow rate & total flow of liquid through the canal.

The controller is pre-programmed with all the calculations for various types and sizes of flumes/ weirs and needs to be selected manually through keys.

It is also used in wastewater treatment plants for differential level measurement across a bar screen is done by means of ultrasonic sensors. The resulting signal can be used to automate bar screen cleaning operation and improve flow condition.

There are specific ultrasonic level transmitter instruments that are available in a two-part system in which sensors and electronics are separate. The sensor can be mounted over far away from electronics.

Therefore making it the most ideal sensor for installation in places where constraints or size of the tanks matter space.

Ultrasonic level transmitter instruments can be an economical and beneficial part of an efficient and safe wastewater treatment plant and should be considered when selecting instruments.

Ultrasonic Transmitter For Level Measurement In Tanks/ Reservoirs/ Canals

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