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Laser Level Distance Transmitter Designed for complex level measurements and extreme operating conditions

Pune Techtrol caters to the reliable and efficient instruments Laser Level/Distance Transmitter (AL40/AL100) for measuring distances with ease and accuracy.  AL40/AL100 is designed for measuring levels from small storages to large tanks or silos. It is ideal for monitoring in hot, complex and non-contact measurement ability helps to operate in almost all ambient surroundings.

AL40/AL100 is a technological advancement in level measurement and control instruments monitoring and measuring in wide-ranging and complex applications. The non-contact instrument is designed for granular materials and opaque liquids. Specifically for high accuracy and faster responses, the narrow beam characteristics of a laser allow direct aiming to a target surface, without interferences from structures or falling materials, providing ease of operation.

AL40/AL100, the laser transmitter measures through small openings to the bottoms using a high speed, narrow beam of laser to measure through small openings to the bottom of the tanks/silos. The Laser Level/Distance Transmitter is easy to install and is a setup of user-friendly programming keypad with onboard LCD display and plug-play solution via push buttons.

The Specifications are:

  1. 40 & 100 metre range
  2. 4-20mA output
  3. 2x programmable relays
  4. Backlit LCD display
  5. Programmable via push buttons
  6. DIP switch for laser pointer
  7. Robust aluminum housing
  8. Optional dust tube, aiming kit & ATEX / IA

Pune Techtrol is a pioneer in designing and manufacturing the perfectly engineered Process Automation, Level measurement and Control instruments for liquids and solids. For more than three decades, they are catering to many industries and the manufacturing sector having quality equipment which is trusted all around the world.

AL40/AL100 is reliable for varied applications in the Industry. The compact design of the instrument reduces the installation costs. The performance characteristics provide valuable and accurate level measurements as per requirements.

Laser Level Distance Transmitter  Designed for complex level measurements and extreme operating conditions

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